Data Science Solutions

What We Do

Our data science proficiency make best use of the way your team likes to work. Our comprehensive tools can be utilised to solve the right problems, create better analyses, amplify results, and project the outcome in the right direction.

Data Science Solutions Provider

Analysing data is easy and tough, and part of the problem is that only few players can explain how to perform it. There are people around doing data analysis on a regular basis, however it is yet to find the right people to enlighten about the thought process that goes on in real-time.

Science is knowledge which we understand so well that we can teach it to a computer. Everything else is an art. At Page Solutions, we have many tools at our availability, from linear regression to classification trees and even deep learning, and these tools have all been carefully taught to computers. We find a way to assemble all the tools and apply them to data to answer a relevant question-a question of interest to people.

Setting up process of data analysis: Through our extensive experience both managing data analysts and conducting our own data analyses, we have carefully observed what produces comprehensible results and what fails to produce useful insights into data. Our goal is to write down what we have learned in the hopes that others may find it useful.

Our Process

Models Development Life Cycle:

We follow an innovative, robust, data-driven, data science based machine learning designing that can seamlessly fit into any of the existing systems workflow. We empower every step of your insight journey, from data ingestion to analysis and beyond. Our data science solutions are designed and integrated with an automated "EpiAxis-centric engine" which forms the basis of analytics implementation. The Epiaxis workflow iterate across each of the automated machine learning of validating the data, conduct analysis, building models and model deployment.

Epiaxis process life cycle is as follows:
  • Question statement diagnosis
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Building Models
  • Expound and explicate
  • Exchange information for valuation
Sub axis cycles for each of the process above:
  • Develop expectations
  • Collect data
  • Match expectations with data

Our Solutions

Data Science Solutions provided across multiple domains:
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Recommendation Engine
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Classification Solutions
  • Behavioural Segmentation