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T24TM Data Migration

Data is more valuable for business success. Accurate data contributes positively to promote the value of enterprise applications. While the current data is adequate to derive value in the source system, it may be inadequate in the target system, mainly because of the new data structure. Data migration entails more than just moving enterprise data from multiple sources to the target system. At Page Solutions, it presents an opportunity to evaluate and improve on data quality.

We analyze the installation and build both high and low level migration strategy for static and financial data based on the requirement and proceed with the migration process by collaborating with the relevant stake holders. This ensures complete accountability within the team with emphasis on timely delivery and high quality. Our strength in T24TM Migration Service comes from our strong dedicated team, with expertise from strategizing to reconciliation; to manage complex migration projects. We have the required skill set to build client specific migration tool and have also pioneered in delivering services on T24TM Data Migration Tool. Our Migration strategy ranges from Analysis, Mapping & Design, Planning & Provisioning, Testing, Actual Migration and Validation.