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T24TM Upgrade

Upgrade is a business decision and it's a matter of security, productivity and lower maintenance costs. Latest T24TM releases include a variety of new features and improvements that provide real efficiencies - Improved Functionality, Global Processing, Platform Improvement, Streamlined Integration, Improved Reporting, Extended Investment Value, and Enhanced Productivity. By upgrading your T24TM system to the latest version, your bank can

  • Create a simpler and more flexible IT environment
  • Attain Competitive edge
  • Drive down maintenance cost
  • Adapt to changing regulatory standards

As most T24TM implementations grow both in complexity and size with time, it is important to have a clear understanding of the product and the focus areas before starting any upgrade process. We have been successful in delivering upgrade services across geographies, and offer best in time solution - Analysis, Roadmap, Best Practices - Less Pain More Gain. Our upgrade projects adopt the Temenos Implementation Methodology (TIM). We've uncovered best practices for building a solid internal governance structure for managing upgrades.

We work to ensure that upgrades improve ease-of-use in order to save you time, effort and expense. Page Solution's Upgrade strategy as follows:
Page Solutions

We foresee your necessity to stay ahead in the competitive Banking sector and the importance of promoting operational efficiency. The way forward for such a progression is to be on the latest release of T24TM system. We have paramount experience in delivering multiple upgrade projects on time and in budget in a completely onshore model as well as a combination of onshore and offshore model.

For detailed insight on our Upgrade Methodology, download Page's Upgrade Brochure.