'AutoCOB' is a plug and play tool that is fully integrated with the T24TM eco system to offer timely, low-cost, low-risk implementation of COB Automation, Real time monitoring and Alerts to support and minimize operational risks associated with potential COB failures.

Close-of-business is a mission critical process where a single operational issue has the potential to disrupt business continuity, in turn affecting the bank's servicing, reputation and profits. Eliminating the need for manual monitoring of COB processes, thereby increasing cost savings, the 'AutoCOB' tool features a rich dashboard which provides real-time status and key metrics for the close of business process. Its main goal is to provide an easy to use, T24TM COB Status with a Drill Down functionality for all stake holders.

Key Features

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Real Time Track Progress of COB and other Services that have been defined to run during the EOD, pre or post COB

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Real Time Monitoring Screen to view the COB progress, show percentage completion at any time at Service level.

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Real Time Ability to send alerts directly or interface to existing systems such as SCOM/Tivoli etc that the bank may be currently using

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Compare Duration of jobs with the average of previous runs and alert for excess deviations and keep data historically for comparison purposes and be able to extract for analysis purposes.

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Pre-Built & Fully Integrated with T24TM offers a short, low-cost, and low-risk implementation with immediate ROI

Auto COB tool also automates the following activities:

  • Making System Off-line
  • Shutting down all System Phantoms
  • Stopping all Services
  • Executing Pre-COB Backup
  • Executing Pre-COB Services
  • Initiation of COB
  • Monitoring COB for all crashes
  • Executing Post-COB Services
  • Executing Post-COB Backup
  • Making System Online